When the Elephant Broke Out of the Zoo: A Festschrift for Donald Rayfield. Edited by Andreas Schönle, Olga Makarova, and Jeremy Hicks. (Stanford Slavic Studies, volume 39.) Stanford, 2012. 351 pp.

ISBN 1-57201-088-6 (pbk.)


From the Editors 13

Biographical Material

ROBERT CHANDLER, ‘An Interview with Donald Rayfield’ 17

ИГОРЬ ПОМЕРАНЦЕВ, ‘Потаённый Дональд’ 27

Chekhov and Theatre

HARAI GOLOMB, ‘Reflecting on Chekhovian ‘(Auto)biographo-phobia’: Nina’s Medallion and Reciprocal Art/Life Embeddings

in The Seagull’ 31

CYNTHIA MARSH, ‘Vania’s Map’ 72

ОЛЬГА МАКАРОВА, «Бабы с пьесами»: В развитие некоторых сюжетов книги Д. Рейфилда «Жизнь Антона Чехова» 87

ANDREI ROGATCHEVSKI, ‘Staging the Unstageable: Casper Wrede’s Production of Hope Against Hope at the Royal Exchange Theatre (1983)’ 108

ARNOLD MCMILLIN, ‘Treading Splintered Boards: Aspects of Post-Soviet Belarusian Theatre’ 129

Soviet History and its Representation

CATHERINE MERRIDALE, ‘A Broom in the Stables: The Kremlin Affair of 1935’ 153

JEREMY HICKS, ‘The Archipelago of Gulag Film’ 171

Georgian Language and Language in Georgia

JOST GIPPERT, ‘Of Victuals and Wages in Old Georgian’ 193

SHUKIA APRIDONIDZE, ‘Antonyms in Georgian and English: Structure and Syntagmatics (Based on the Data of A Comprehen-sive Georgian-English Dictionary, ed. by D. Rayfield)’ 223

LAURENCE BROERS, ‘“Two Sons of One Mother”: Nested Iden-tities and Centre-Periphery Politics in Post-Soviet Georgia’ 234


ADELINA ANGUSHEVA, ‘Medical Knowledge among the Balkan Slavs during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period: Chronology, Technologies, Terminology, and Agents’ 271

GALIN TIHANOV, ‘What Was ‘Semantic Paleontology’ and What Did it Have to Do with Literary Studies?’ 288

ANDREAS SCHÖNLE, ‘Horticultural Modernity and Politics in Russia: The Big Picture’ 312

Donald Rayfield: A Bibliography 341